Welcome to The Sweet Snack Club

10,000 cute and funny DEFI CNFTs. Join the club for DEFI superpowers on Cardano!


What DEFI superpowers do I get?

  • Increases rate of liquidity mining for SWEET tokens for the SweetClub NFT owners.
  • First DAO members.
  • Private community access.
  • Additional discount for SWEET Token protocol bonding
  • Addition token allocation for SweetDAO ISPO participants
  • Join a sweet community and increase your social media followers Hashtag "SweetFollowSweet"
  • Future Airdrop of SWEET Tokens.

Meet the sweetest characters on Cardano :)

The Sweet Snack Club is made up of 33 unique, cute, lovable, base characters. Each has their own personality and will come with different accessories, costumes, and facial expression!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions that you don’t see answered below please reach out to us on twitter.

Full Roadmap

Stages of the SweetDAO project development

Phase 1

Initial Setup
  • Main Website Launch
  • Social Media Launch
  • Publish Whitepaper
  • Create CNFT Collection
  • NFT Page Launch
  • Community Building
  • Legal DAO Registration

Phase 2

First Launch
  • NFT Mint Launch
  • Marketing Partnerships
  • ISPO Setup
  • ISPO Launch
  • ISPO Marketing
  • On Chain DAO Governance Beta

Phase 3

Decentralised Liquidity
  • ISPO Continuation
  • Smart Contract Audits
  • Smart Contract Corrections
  • Smart Contract Re-Audit
  • DEX Beta/Testing launch
  • DEX Public launch
  • On Chain DAO Governance

Phase 4

  • ISPO conclusion
  • Decentralised Liquidity Pools
  • Liquidity Mining Program
  • ISPO Token Rewards
  • Establish Partnerships
  • DEX Marketing Campaign
  • Eat Sweet Snacks :)