Swap and earn, on Cardano's first DEFI 2.0 trading protocol

Our Mission

To create a self sustaining and self sufficient decentralised exchange through protocol owned liquidity. We are committed in creating a sustainable decentralised business for all those involved.

“There’s nothing as cosy as a piece of candy and a book.”

– Betty McDonald
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1. Each SWEET token will be backed by a basket of assets (e.g. ADA, Coti) in the Sweet treasury, giving each SWEET token intrinsic value.

2. Service fee sharing allows SWEET token holders to collect fees paid by swappers. How much you can collect is based on how many SWEET tokens a hodler has.

3. We are a community-run and community owned project. Governed by the community where token holders can vote. We are a sweet DAO.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”

Warren Buffet
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Launch Strategy & ISPO

To ensure that each SWEET token starts as a backed assets in the Sweet Treasury. We will be having an initial stake pool offering (ISPO). The ADA raised during the ISPO will go towards seeding the treasury and kickstarting the DAO's SWEET token mining program.

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Sweet Token Allocation

We are a community run project which is why the community will be able to obtain the largest portion of tokens. The DAO will instantly receive 25% of its own tokens. Since service fee collection is based on how many tokens a user owns by giving 25% of the token to the DAO it means that DAO will receive service fees. These service fees will go directly into the DAOs sweet treasury ultimately as protocol owned liquidity.


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